Tips to Renting with Cats

While renting with dogs is extremely difficult, cat owners face their own challenges when it comes to finding apartments for rent. Often times, landlords would prefer a dog owner, unfairly believing cats will destroy their property with shedding hair and the smell of the litter boxes. If you’re in the beginning stages of finding an apartment and you own a cat, check out Woodlake Properties’ 6 tips to renting with cats for the most success.

6 Tips to Renting an Apartment with Cats

Be Prepared to Pay More: Renting with cats, or really any pet, usually means payment more for your security deposit and/or an additional fee per pet. When searching for pet-friendly rentals, be aware that the advertised monthly rent will probably be more for you.

Keep your Litter Boxes Clean: One of the concerns for landlords renting to cat parents is the lingering smell of the litter box. To prevent this problem, make sure to scoop the boxes daily. Two times per month the litter should be completely changed and the box cleaned with soap and warm water. Following these tips will keep your cat & landlord happy!

Litter Box Rule of Thumb: Speaking of litter boxes, always practice the plus 1 rule. For as many cats as you have, there should be one litter box each PLUS one more, giving your pet plenty of space and options.

Example: 1 cat = 2 litter boxes. 2 cats = 3 litter boxes.

Grooming: While your cat generally does a great job keeping themselves clean you should regularly brush their hair to prevent buildup in your carpets and vents.

Keep them Entertained: Having plenty of toys and cat furniture around your apartment will keep your cat busy, which is helpful to prevent them from scratching door posts, clawing furniture, etc.

Ask Before you Adopt: If you’re currently a non-pet owning renter but are interested in committing yourself to rescuing a cat, please be responsible and ask your landlord first.

Helpful Tips to Cat Owners who Rent

The most important tip to remember when renting with cats, dogs or any other type of pet is to be honest with your potential landlord. Do not try to hide your pet and risk them finding out and forcing you to either leave your rental or remove the animal. While finding an available pet-friendly rental is difficult, it is not impossible and worth it when you and your pet have a home to call your own!