Easy Projects to Upgrade your Apartment Rental Bathroom

Woodlake Properties DIY Rental Bathroom Projects ApartmentsWhether you’re a renter or a homeowner the two most important rooms in your home are the kitchen and the bathroom. Even though most renters do not have the luxury of being picky, especially dog & cat owners, we must work with what we have to make our apartments as updated & luxurious as possible. The bathroom is one of the easiest and affordable rooms to invest in minor renovations for large payoffs. Woodlake Properties provides seven rental bathroom projects that are easy to complete in a single afternoon and won’t cost you your security deposit at the end of your lease.

7 Apartment Bathroom DIY Projects for Any Budget

Bold Rugs & Curtains: When you carefully combine patterns, designs and textures you will elevate your apartment from boring to boutique hotel without spending much money. Don’t just grab the first shower curtain you see; you can curate the entire look and feel of your bathroom by starting the renovation here.

Install Shelving: Unfortunately, most rental apartments lack the storage space we need. Instead of taking up precious floor space you can use your walls and install simple shelving to keep soap, toilet paper, towels and other toiletries.

Swap Out the Mirror: A mirror is a great way to give the illusion of space in a small bathroom. Considering swapping out the plain existing mirror your landlord installed for a large, contemporary option.

Renter Tip: Make sure you keep the old one to put back on the wall when the lease is up.

Peel & Stick Tile: All you need is a few simple tools and a free afternoon to completely transform your boring white bathroom tiles. Peel and stick vinyl tile sheets come in a wide variety of colors & styles and are relatively affordable depending on the size of your bathroom. They can be easily purchased at any local hardware store.

Paint the Grout: A fresh coat of grout paint can breathe new life into your bathroom. Stick with white for a clean, sophisticated look or opt for a new color (with your landlord’s permission).

Install new Faucets & Hardware: Faucets are cabinetry hardware are affordable and very easy to install if you have basic renters’ tools available. Swap out their plain silver options for brass or even gold, depending on your other design choices.

Add (Affordable) Art: While your entire apartment is probably decorated with pictures of your friends, family, loved ones and pets, you can use your bathroom space to add some creativity. Quotes, landscape and abstract paintings can easily be found online (for free), printed and framed!

For more affordable upgrades, see how to make your apartment more energy efficient!