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Easy Projects to Upgrade your Apartment Rental Bathroom

Woodlake Properties DIY Rental Bathroom Projects ApartmentsWhether you’re a renter or a homeowner the two most important rooms in your home are the kitchen and the bathroom. Even though most renters do not have the luxury of being picky, especially dog & cat owners, we must work with what we have to make our apartments as updated & luxurious as possible. The bathroom is one of the easiest and affordable rooms to invest in minor renovations for large payoffs. Woodlake Properties provides seven rental bathroom projects that are easy to complete in a single afternoon and won’t cost you your security deposit at the end of your lease.

7 Apartment Bathroom DIY Projects for Any Budget

Bold Rugs & Curtains: When you carefully combine patterns, designs and textures you will elevate your apartment from boring to boutique hotel without spending much money. Don’t just grab the first shower curtain you see; you can curate the entire look and feel of your bathroom by starting the renovation here.

Install Shelving: Unfortunately, most rental apartments lack the storage space we need. Instead of taking up precious floor space you can use your walls and install simple shelving to keep soap, toilet paper, towels and other toiletries.

Swap Out the Mirror: A mirror is a great way to give the illusion of space in a small bathroom. Considering swapping out the plain existing mirror your landlord installed for a large, contemporary option.

Renter Tip: Make sure you keep the old one to put back on the wall when the lease is up.

Peel & Stick Tile: All you need is a few simple tools and a free afternoon to completely transform your boring white bathroom tiles. Peel and stick vinyl tile sheets come in a wide variety of colors & styles and are relatively affordable depending on the size of your bathroom. They can be easily purchased at any local hardware store.

Paint the Grout: A fresh coat of grout paint can breathe new life into your bathroom. Stick with white for a clean, sophisticated look or opt for a new color (with your landlord’s permission).

Install new Faucets & Hardware: Faucets are cabinetry hardware are affordable and very easy to install if you have basic renters’ tools available. Swap out their plain silver options for brass or even gold, depending on your other design choices.

Add (Affordable) Art: While your entire apartment is probably decorated with pictures of your friends, family, loved ones and pets, you can use your bathroom space to add some creativity. Quotes, landscape and abstract paintings can easily be found online (for free), printed and framed!

For more affordable upgrades, see how to make your apartment more energy efficient!

Cost Efficient Ways to Furnish an Apartment

Moving into a new apartment is one of the most exciting moments in your life. But if this is your first apartment, chances are you’ve already spent most of your money on the security deposit and the rest on your student loan payments. If that’s the case, there might not be a lot of money left in your budget for furnishings and other essential items. Not to worry! Woodlake Properties highlights 10 tips on how to furnish an apartment for $1,000 or less, while still maintaining a cool, minimalist style.

10 Tips to Furnish an Apartment under $1,000

Hand me downs: Ask anyone & everyone if they have any kind of furnishings they no longer need or use. This is especially helpful for dining sets, kitchen essentials, small appliances, cutlery, dish towels, cleaning supplies and more. You’ll be surprised how fast your apartment will fill just from asking.

Buy used: Whatever you can’t get through hand me downs, buy used first. Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and many other apps are especially helpful for finding odds & ends items you need.

Flea markets & garage sales: If you’d rather see the items in person, head out to a community garage sale or flea market. There are also hidden gem items that you can score for very little cost.

Skip the upgrades (for now): Stay off of Pinterest & Instagram, which are flooded with overly decorated (and costly) apartment decorating inspirations. While you’re in the process of getting settled, stick to just what you need, you can always upgrade later.

Throw a housewarming party: Any item you couldn’t obtain through the less expensive means above, throw a housewarming party to supplement. Chances are your guests will gift you the items you haven’t been able to buy yet.

Start small: Don’t get sucked in to buying 28 piece dishware sets that cost over $150. Start with 6 plates, 4 cups and a basic cutlery set.

Buy multipurpose pieces: This is especially helpful if your apartment is small. Replace the traditional TV stand for one with drawers for added storage space without the extra cost.

Decide what is most important (for now): Make a list of the most important things you literally cannot function in your apartment without. Afterwards, add some extras you’ve been hoping for so you can plan for the future.

Create a budget for each room: Budgeting is one of the most important life tools, especially now that you are out on your own. The ability to furnish the apartment will be much easier if you have a list of important items and a budget in hand.

Have fun: Finally, have fun! You only get to furnish your first apartment once. Even if you’re on a budget, just have fun and make the best out of it. You can look around feeling proud of yourself that you created a beautiful apartment on a conservative budget.

Clever Furnishing Tips for First Time Renters

Now that we’ve given you a good idea of how to start the process of furnishing your apartment on a budget it is time to gather your ideas and turn it into your own! Besides investing in furniture, make sure to also sign up for a renters insurance policy. Follow Woodlake Properties’ blog for helpful tips, tricks and insight into renting an apartment.